Glenn DeStefano endorses Laurie for Trustee

By April 19, 2018 News

If you are looking for a reason to vote FOR a Board of Trustee member,

someone who will best represent your interests, and those of the majority of loyal PSU Alumni, then you can’t do any better than voting for Laurie Stanell.

I have known Laurie for many years, as a neighbor in Bucks County, as a local businesswoman, and as a friend. She is a relentless, hard worker who always get the job done.This won’t be a resume-builder position for her. She is running with the best intentions for ALL of Penn Staters in mind.

She wants to make sure that the thousands of loyal Penn Staters have a fighting chance to have their views represented on the Board through her. As a leader and captain of the Icers hockey team, a leader of Lion Ambassadors, and a fraternity member, I’m familiar with what makes teams and organizations work.

Simply put, I’d want to have Laurie on my team ! That’s why you should vote for Laurie. She is the Team Leader that you want on your side, fighting against the system that seems to be in place now. I haven’t always voted in these elections because I didn’t know the candidates well enough, or didn’t think it mattered. Well, it does matter. Now more than ever.

Please take the few minutes to get your Ballot, and vote for Laurie Stanell!

For the Glory,

Glenn DeStefano ’84

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