Susan Wilson endorses Laurie Stanell For Board of Trustees

By March 28, 2018 April 3rd, 2018 News

“I met Laurie Anne for the first time when she joined the effort to Honor Joe with her concept of a ‘Joe Out’ and a candlelight vigil over 5 years ago. In the years since then I have become very close to Laurie as a valued friend and a devoted member of Penn State’s Alumni Council. She is always at every event- for Alumni Council, or Trustee meetings. She attends not just her own committee meetings, but goes above and beyond to sit in on everything and participate. In the Alum we also see the student Laurie– a busy member of her sorority, a dynamo at THON, a legacy of many generations of Penn Staters, in a demanding major that ended in her chosen field of dentistry. Her son and daughter continued that family legacy, so she understands the issues of rising tuition and challenges facing parents and students.

My husband Ed and I have served multiple terms on Alumni Council over four decades and have known several Trustees very well. Not everyone takes a volunteer position seriously. We know that it takes a very special person to be willing to devote the time, the expense, the travel and the work involved in being on Council or serving as a Trustee. Before we vote or endorse someone, we always look for someone who shared our Penn State experience, as a Chapter Leader, someone deeply involved with students or many other faces of Penn State, someone who truly “Bleeds Blue and White”. Laurie stands right there at the top of our list of the “Best of the Best”. As a busy dentist in her own practice, her devotion to Penn State is exceptional.

Laurie has my absolute and highest level of endorsement for the position of Alumni Elected Trustee of Penn State. I can think of no other person as singularly perfect for a seat as Trustee. She will NOT let us down and will work tirelessly to make our University a better reflection of Success with Honor.”

Susan Beck Wilson
’71 Secondary Education

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