Wait – didn’t I already vote? The confusion over the BOT election

By April 26, 2018 News

Voting for the Penn State Board of Trustees Alumni members ends Thursday, May 3rd at 9 am.

Make sure to request your ballot by Monday, April 30th.

“I thought I voted for you in January! Why do I have to vote again?”

Running for the Penn State Board of Trustees has taught me one thing: this is a very confusing process. Confusing, but necessary. Here are answers to questions I’ve been getting every day:

“Yes, you voted for me in January. Thank you.”

The first round of voting was the nominating process, whereby candidates need to get 250 nominating votes to be listed on the general ballot. I received the 250 needed votes, thank you.

“Yes, we’re voting again.”

The second round of voting, from April 10th to May 3rd, is the general election for Alumni Trustees. There are three seats and four candidates. I would appreciate your vote again.

“Did you check your spam folder for your eBallot?”

Unfortunately many eBallots are ending up in spam folders. Please check there first; they would have been sent sometime between April 10-13th by VoteNet. They are still valid.

“If you can’t find an eBallot anywhere you can request another online, no problem.”

Please go to here to request an online ballot. Turn around time on requests is running 48 hours, so request your ballot before Monday afternoon, April 30th. Voting ends Thursday, May 3rd at 9 a.m.

“You don’t have to be a member of the Penn State Alumni Association to vote.”

You don’t have to be a member of any Penn State organization to vote, you just have to be a Penn State alumnus. The full requirements are here.

“Unfortunately, it is this complicated every year.”

But with over half a million eBallots sent out there are bound to be glitches. It’s vitally important that Penn State alumni have a voice in the governance of their university, for the good of all of us.

Thank you for taking the time to vote, and to help others vote.

For the glory,


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